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Episode 43: How Margo Used Side Hustles to Pay off $10,000 in 6 Months! | Margo Burr of Unworthy Debt

Episode 43 of the podcast features Margo Burr, an On-Air Fashion and Lifestyle Expert & Entrepreneur based in Baltimore, Maryland. Margo started her entrepreneurial journey by creating a side hustle called Queens of Glam Academy, a Modeling Dance and Fashion school for girls ages 3-13.  

How Margo Used Side Hustles to Pay off $10,000 in 6 Months!

She provides the opportunity for her girls in the program to model in her televised fashion segments, while also developing their self esteem. She also started a second side hustle, Groove Kidz, a mobile preschool dance and gymnastics program that is for kids ages 2-5 in preschools in Maryland. Using these side hustles, Margo was able to was able to pay down over $10k within 6 months! You can find out more about Margo on her website.

Now she’s continuing to run her side businesses, thinking of ways to recession-proof her side hustles, and teaching people how to pay off debt, start side hustles, and build a business plan through her platform Unworthy Debt. We love a powerful woman trying to uplift her community!⁠

You all know I’m big on side hustles and the mindset shifts that allow us to pursue them. So in episode 43, we break it down and get to hear how Margo made the transition from part-time, W-2 jobs to that 1099 self-employed “I pay myself” type of work—pay-day hits different when it comes like this…⁠

In this episode, Margo and I talk about: ⁠

  • ⁠Wanting the high-pay, luxurious lifestyle and (accidentally) landing in debt because low-key we can’t afford it…..(yet!)⁠
  • Experiencing cycles of credit card debt
  • Seeing our time as worthy and valuable⁠
  • Putting our money back into BIPOC communities through the creators and businesses we support⁠
  • “2020 vision”…This point hit hard; Margo’s mom dropped wisdom when she said this to Margo.⁠

Lots of debt payoff strategies start when we are working our “safe” 9-5 because let’s be real: becoming an entrepreneur as you start your Debt Free Journey is definitely not easy. But I really do believe that to step outside of our comfort zone and try something new and wild, a good first step is to hear about how women that we can relate and connect to are doing the damn thing. ⁠

⁠Margo’s mom said that 2020 is all about God revealing what our 20/20 vision is—aka what’s the ideal, what is it that we are aspiring to? 2020’s been a doozy, but within all of this, what are you learning about yourself? Your needs? Your dreams? Let this be the year you speak these things out into the Universe. ⁠

As always, stay poderosa!

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