Episode 42: Why Investing Is A Revolutionary Act For Marginalized Communities | Georgiy Roykhman of Funancialism

Episode 42 features Georgiy Roykhman, better known as Funancialism! This guys is one of my fave personal finance creators, and once you listen to our episode you’ll understand why! Georgiy is a behavioral analyst, social media content creator and educator, and YouTube influencer that believes financial health needs to be prioritized. Can I get an AMEN!?

Why Investing Is A Revolutionary Act For Marginalized Communities

Georgiy and his mom are refugees from the former Soviet Union, and he often talks about his money mindsets stemming from some of the conditions that came with this experience. He created his social media channels after coming to the realization that almost every inch of our institutions avoid teaching anything about finance and investing. He believes that knowledge is only half the battle though—institutional change is needed.

While both of us can go for DAYS talking about all that’s wrong with our systems, @funancialism doesn’t want us to wait around for the government to change and be more inclusive. It’s up to individuals to find and create communities that teach about investing, money hacks, and how to be financially healthy.⁣⁠ You’re going to love our conversation.

In Episode 42, Funancialism and I are talking about things we don’t hear about too much in our larger investing and finance circles! We discuss:

  • The relationship between behavior and finance (SPOILER ALERT: Humans are crazy unpredictable and can make questionable money decisions)
  • ⁣⁠How our family histories and traumas impact our money mindset, and what it looks like to move away from these mindsets⁣⁠
  • ⁣⁠What it means to create generational wealth⁣⁠
  • ⁣⁠The structural systems that impacts BIPOC and low-income communities⁣⁠’ abilities to build wealth
  • ⁣A radical idea of community investing that we believe can change the whole game⁣⁠

⁣⁠I’m super excited for the conversations this episode can start. Jot your thoughts below, share them on your IG story, or join our FB group and start a convo there!⁣⁠ Don’t forget to share our podcast and leave a review if you loved this episode! And as always, stay poderosa!

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