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Episode 39: How Ava Became Debt Free While Teaching English Abroad | Avagail Lozano of Avagail Adventures

 If you’ve ever been curious about the expat life, then episode 39 is definitely for you!

How Ava Became Debt Free While Teaching English Abroad | Avagail Lozano of Avagail

Avagail Lozano is a Filipinx-American originally from California who loves traveling and living the expat life. She’s the founder and creator of Avagail Adventures, where she shares her travel adventures and lessons as an expat.

Ava graduated college in 2010 with thousands of dollars of student loans. She got her first “big girl” job, and then lifestyle inflation kicked in! After financing a car, her debt ballooned to $50,000. In 2016, she was facing a quarter life crisis & a ton of pressure from loved ones to settle down and get married.

Knowing that she wanted more out of life, Ava threw caution to the wind and moved to South Korea to teach English. She became totally debt free in December 2019 and paid off more debt working as an ESL teacher on half the salary she made while working in a corporate role in the USA. And she did it while still being able to travel all over Asia! You can follow Ava on Facebook and Instagram.

We go IN on finally doing things for ourselves. Women of color are NOTORIOUS for doing things for everyone but ourselves.

In episode 39, Ava and I talk about:

  • Learning about money through our immigrant parents⁣
  • ⁣Having a quarter-life crisis and big career pivots⁣
  • ⁣Juggling a relationship with the goals/lifestyle we want to pursue⁣
  • ⁣Meeting a partner that has different money habits than you (and wants to talk personal finance when you don’t really want to but know you should…)⁣
  • ⁣And we go over the logistics of teaching English abroad for anyone who is interested in pursuing this post-Corona!⁣

This conversation gave me a lot of wanderlust. Let this be a conversation to inspire you and encourage you to dream up your craziest dreams, especially the travel ones.

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