Episode 33: Why Voting Matters For Your Dinero | Amanda Miguel of Pinche Millennial

Why Voting Matters For Your Dinero | Amanda Miguel of Pinche Millennial

In episode 33 of the podcast, we’re talking about why voting matters for your dinero! Believe it or not, when you vote (or don’t), you’re giving the people in power a say about what to do with all that tax money you’re paying!

Your tax dollars dictate the quantity & quality of services are available in your city, like parks, schools, emergency services, roads and public transportation. To guide us through the conversation about how to vote with your wallet, we’re talking to Amanda Miguel of Pinche Millennial.

Amanda Miguel is an advocacy and public policy professional by day, and status quo disrupter by night. Amanda created Pinche Millennial Studios to spur her fellow millennials to see policy in their every day lives and view civic engagement as the norm.

Now the largest US age demographic, millennials (over 82 million) have surpassed the Boomer Generation of 75 million, which in the past has been the standard for policy creation. With the belief that participation is powerful, Pinche Millennial Studios produces digital content that encourages civic engagement and public discourse.

In this episode, we talk about:⁣

  • Government disinvestment from Black and Brown communities⁣.
  • ⁣Social media advocacy as one factor of civic engagement, but not the only one⁣.
  • ⁣How our spending habits impact the American economy⁣.
  • ⁣What we feel in our day-to-day, based on who our elected local officials are!

Listen to episode 33 on your favorite podcast platform, leave a review, and nominate our podcast for “Best new personal finance podcast” at ⁣

If you’ve been listening for a while, remember, stay poderosa!

Check Out ProPublica’s Informed Voter’s Guide to Making Sure Your Vote Counts

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