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Episode 29: Money is Also Female and Latina | Laura Fortuna of The Fortune Coach

Money is Also Female and Latina | Laura Fortuna of The Fortune Coach

This weekend, we’re giving you TWO new episodes! Today’s episode (episode 29) is with Laura Fortuna of The Fortune Coach.

Laura Fortuna is a Latina entrepreneur, Dominicana, tax accountant, public speaker, and an NFEC (National Financial Educator’s Council) Certified Financial Education Instructor. As a personal finance coach, Laura educates Latinas through her Instagram community of money comadritas @thefortunecoach, and her monthly CFO Newsletter.

Laura’s mission is to financially empower the Latino community, one woman at a time. Laura graduated from Salem State University’s business and accounting undergraduate program, and she hold’s a Masters Degree in Taxation from Northeastern University in Boston. She is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Massachusetts. You can follow Laura at The Fortune Coach on Instagram, and sign up for her free newsletter here.

This interview got real, and that’s what this is all about: real money and life talk with real women!

In episode 29, Laura and I talk about:

  • Learning a new financial system when coming from an international background
  • “Hacking the systems” that aren’t for us women of color
  • Micro-aggressions in the workplace
  • Being Latina in a White-male-dominated space + imposter syndrome
  • Self-employment and the tax struggle

Listen to this episode to hear more about Laura’s journey and her money mantra, “Money loves me!” All episodes are available on your favorite podcast streaming platforms. Remember to share and leave a review! Sending lots of love and, as always, #staypoderosa

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