Episode 25: How Angel Uses Travel Hacking To Travel For Free | Angel Trinh of Pennywise Traveler

Episode 25: How Angel Uses Travel Hacking To Travel For Free | Angel Trinh of Pennywise Traveler

In episode 25 of the Yo Quiero Dinero Podcast, we’re talking to Angel Trinh. Angel is the founder of Pennywise Traveler, a lifestyle and travel blog where she shares free weekly NYC events, travel tips, and money advice. She has been to 35 countries to date, and all 7 continents.

Angel got her first taste of solo and budget travel when she studied abroad in Rome, Italy for her last semester of undergrad in 2012. Just like any other college student, Angel did not have enough money, and decided to apply to grants and scholarships to study abroad. Surprisingly this led her to her getting free tuition, free housing, and $7,000 in spending money to use towards her program. This then led to her visiting 19 countries and 2 continents in 7 months, which was all funded from her scholarships and grants.

By day, Angel works in cyber security, after pivoting away from a career in Marketing by attending a coding bootcamp. She’s passionate about personal finance and travel, and you can find her frequently researching different ways to get more savings and miles. Angel is a big fan of travel hacking, and in this episode, she shares tips about how she’s maxing her travel savings. Her personal finance game is so on point, too! She has no debt, a 800+ credit score, retirement accounts maxed out with 5 figures in investments, and over 6 months in savings. She’s been featured on the Today Show, BuzzFeed x Bank of America, and on Forbes for her work in money, travel, and technology. You can find Pennywise Traveler on Instagram and Facebook.

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