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Episode 23: How To Invest In Yourself | Jully-Alma Taveras of Investing Latina

How To Invest In Yourself | Jully-Alma Taveras of Investing Latina

Episode 23 features Jully-Alma Taveras, also known as Investing Latina! Jully immigrated with her family from the Dominican Republic at the age of 4, has a career in the fashion industry, and a passion for personal finance.

Back in 2019, she founded Investing Latina, an educational and resource-packed YouTube channel with the mission to inspire women that are earning money, dominating their careers and taking care of their families to learn about investing in order to solidify their financial health. In episode 23, Jully discusses how she went from super spender to expert investor and how you can get started investing. She talks about things she no longer buys in the video below!

Jully uses her channel as a platform not only to share her personal story of how she went from being debt-ridden to becoming an investor, but also to share the story of thousands of others like her. She’s a contributing writer for Next Advisor, and creator of a personal finance Q&A series called Ask Me Money Things. You can follow Investing Latina on on InstagramTwitter, & YouTube.

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