Episode 93. How FU Money Can Help You Pivot Your Career | Gianni LaTange, First Gen Money Musings

Episode 93 is about how to prepare financially for a career pivot, and how to build wealth through real estate investing.

How FU Money can help you pivot your career

Gianni LaTange is an Afro Latinx first generation wealth builder, born and raised in NYC. Gianni is on a journey of financial freedom and is passionate about sharing wealth-building strategies with POC. In February 2019, she made a promise to herself that she would be financially prepared to start her investment property search Winter 2020. Little did she know that she would become a whole building owner in March 2020! Now GIanni is teaching financial foundation and real estate financing strategies she used to secure her first multi-unit, mixed use, income-earning property for only $20,000 of her own money by the age of 25. Becoming a real estate investor gave Gianni the financial security she needed to opt-out of her career as an elementary school teacher and become a software engineer.

In Episode 93, Gianni talks about:

  • The impact of exposure to wealthy living at a young age— Gianni has been working from a very young age. Some of these jobs exposed her to a different lifestyle that she held closely as she grew up. She also speaks of her family who enjoyed a bit of luxury. We loved hearing this! As first gen wealth builders, we do not need to deprive ourselves of luxury; there are ways to plan for it.
  • How she prepared to walk away from her career to make a pivot— Gianni did not like her job as a teacher. But this didn’t mean that she could just quit without having a plan. Listen to find out the steps she took to make this transition, how soon she started planning for it, and where this stemmed from. What was the key? Her FU fund, which is an emergency fund that allows you the freedom of choice.
  • How she started her real estate journey— Today, Gianni is living in Philly in her first property. She bought this before she was even 25! Find out how she leveraged tools and resources already out there, and how she did all of this without ever making six-figures.

Gianni is a gem in the personal finance community. She does everything with deep intentionality and care, and it shows whenever she speaks and gives advice. We’ve packed this episode with tips on things from how to make a career pivot, to how to start to invest in real estate.

Partners mentioned in this episode:

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