Episode 83. How To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Business | Elenny Frometa, Online Marketing Expert

Episode 83 is about one of digital marketing’s best kept secrets: Pinterest. Listen to hear Elenny’s journey as an entrepreneur and how she designed her marketing strategy to create a successful business.

Elenny Frometa is an online marketing expert, author, podcast host, serial entrepreneur and a conversion copywriter who has founded multiple online businesses from scratch. From blogs to online stores, she has done it all. Multiple times. Now she teaches other entrepreneurs and online marketers how to leverage the power of email marketing and Pinterest to scale your business to 6 and 7 figures.

If you’re an entrepreneur that’s hit a plateau with marketing, this episode is for you! Pinterest is one of the most slept on marketing tools, and this episode is a great introduction to this free tool.

In Episode 83, Elenny talks about:

  • Diversifying your traffic sources— when Elenny was starting her entrepreneurship journey, she primarily focused on one social media platform. So when she lost access to that main platform, her website traffic stalled and she felt defeated. Listen to find out how Elenny pivoted her marketing model.
  • Some of the right and wrong tactics to use when trying to drive traffic— hint, one of her wrong tactics was installing a plug-in to generate likes! As a beginner entrepreneur looking for online traffic, tactics like these are tempting. But they are not authentic and are not sustainable!
  • Pinterest as a search engine, not a social media site— lumping this platform into the same strategy as your social media platforms will not be effective. Pinterest is its own category, more like a search engine. Find out Elenny’s go-to rules and basics for using Pinterest effectively.
  • Being a female business owner—Elenny shares a story about a particular set of experiences with some of the men in her life. Thankfully, she was in a place where she didn’t let these experiences impact her mindset. But for some of us, being shamed for trying to do more than expected us can be difficult to ignore. Yo Quiero Dinero likes to believe, however, that hearing how others handle these experiences is a great tool to protect our poderosa mindset.

This episode with Elenny will leave you with lots of new marketing ideas to implement to your business. Listen to learn from Elenny—the mistakes, the wins, and some concrete next steps to take for your marketing strategy.

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