Episode 80. Why Eliana Left Her Career At Google To Become A Self-Made Jefa | Eliana Murillo, Eliment & Co.

Episode 80 is all about entrepreneurial and authentic business mindsets. Eliana talks to us about why she decided to create her own path and how she stays grounded—in her business practice, her business goals, and who she is as a person outside of her practice.

Eliana Murillo is the founder and CEO of Eliment and Company, which includes an innovation venture lab, production studio and consulting firm. Her mission is to amplify and invest in diverse small businesses, startups and content creators. She also consults business and tech leaders on how to design culturally-relevant products and marketing campaigns.

Eliana previously spent 10 years at Google, where she founded the multicultural marketing team and co-founded HOLA, the Latino employee resource group. While in Silicon Valley, she co-founded the Latinos in Tech Giving Circle.

Outside of tech, Eliana founded Latinas Who Brunch and co-founded her family’s organic spirits company, Tequila Alquimia, an award-winning product that is 100% USDA-certified organic.

Eliana was included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 List in 2017. She was also included in the top 10 Latina Corporate Executives List by Latina Style Magazine in 2017 and the Top 50 Most Powerful Latinas List by ALPFA in 2019. She is a graduate of Harvard College and is originally from Oxnard, California.

In Episode 80, Eliana talks about:

  • How she leveraged her 9 to 5 at Google— Eliana started in a rotational program at Google and, by the end, had created projects, campaigns, and new internal initiatives. As soon as she got to Google, she tried to make herself a key employee by gaining new skills in whatever department she was in. As an entrepreneur, she now ensures her 1000+ mini projects have some sort of alignment and mutual benefit.
  • Developing a business from a place of intention— Intention, Integrity, and Intuition. We loved how Eliana centered these practices at the core of her business mindset . Connecting to all three of these requires us to be authentic. Google gave her the option (it’s employee practice!) to dedicate 20% of her time to work outside of her official job responsibilities. She made sure that she genuinely wanted to do this work. Eventually, the ideas she developed through these “20% projects” became crucial to nailing down her “why” behind her businesses. And if you want to hear more about intention after hearing Eliana, check out Episode 60 with Cat del Carmen!
  • Managing your family’s fears of you becoming an entrepreneur— if we are first-generation, our parents probably grew up believing in the American Dream. Get a job, work really hard, and then you’re good. It’s not hard to believe that our parents would freak out at the thought of us leaving a stable job. Find out how Eliana managed these fears from her parents and how she didn’t let them impact her decision
  • Finding balance— plot twist, balance isn’t always possible! Equilibrium is hard, and maybe you don’t even know what this looks like. What Eliana tried to find, instead, was a way to not go from 110% productivity to a 0% total stop.
  • Managing and preventing burnout— Eliana identifies as a high achiever, which meant that it was easy for her to be at a constant 110%. Until she wasn’t. In these moments, she was able to do very little. We love what Eliana describes as her “life sustaining toolkit.” This is what she turns to when she is feeling tired and burned out. Build yours by identifying the following:

What makes you feel happy?

What makes you feel centered?

This episode with Eliana is everything! The Yo Quiero Dinero Podcast platform is all about building wealth through developing your side hustles. We will be the first to say that this stuff is not easy. Worth it? Yes. Easy? Absolutely not. In this episode, Eliana does an amazing job of laying out what has worked for her in her entrepreneurship lifestyle. Listen to the full episode today to start building out your business and entrepreneurship mindset.

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