Episode 74. Why You Need To Start Investing Now| Dr. Hans Boateng, The Investing Tutor

Episode 74 is all about why you need to start investing. We’re talking net-worth, financial security, generational wealth, and mindset.

All of February, we are exclusively featuring Black creators in the personal finance and entrepreneurship space. Because there is a wealth of knowledge here, we are also delivering two episodes every week for the entire month!

In Episode 74, we hear from Dr. Hans Boateng of The Investing Tutor.

Dr. Hans Boateng is the most trusted investment tutor in the country and founder of The Investing Tutor, a digital platform he created to teach people how to build generational wealth through investing. He earned his Path of Distinction MBA from William and Mary and holds a Doctor of Pharmacy from St. John Fisher College. Born and raised in Ghana, West Africa, he recognized the lack of investment literacy in immigrant and minority households. When he discovered how rich families built their fortune using the stock market, he decided to become an investor. After reading 400 books, 40,000 financial articles and spending 11 years pursuing mastery, Dr. Hans now teaches his proven strategies. He has impacted the lives of countless professionals and placed many families on the path to Generational Wealth.

In Episode 74, Dr. Hans talks about:

  • His investing learning journey—hear how he became the expert that he is today.
  • His three pillars of financial security—there are three things he believes we should focus on when thinking about personal finance. We should be saving for an emergency, investing, and paying off debt. Listen for what he believes is the relationship between them all.
  • Critiquing the common perception that anything about money is vilified— as first generation wealth-builders, our relationship with money isn’t clear-cut. Let’s talk about it
  • The importance of mindset—all the technical knowledge around investing is important, but mindset is key

Dr. Hans is one of the most well-informed, thorough, easy to understand personal finance educators. Having him on the show was a true honor; we are so excited for you all to meet him!

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