Episode 72. How To Become Debt Free As A Single Mom | Dyana King, Money Boss Mama

Episode 72 is about how a single mother has tackled paying off her five-figure debt.

how to become debt free as a single mom

All of February, we are exclusively featuring Black creators in the personal finance and entrepreneurship space. Because there is a wealth of knowledge here, we are also delivering two episodes every week for the entire month!

In Episode 72 we are featuring the creator of Money Boss Mama, Dyana King.

Dyana King is a Millennial money coach & Founder of Money Boss Mama, where she inspires women to become a money boss from the inside out by paying off debt, saving money, budgeting, and shifting their money mindsets. She was a 21-year-old college student when she had her firstborn who worked as a part-time bank teller making less than $10 per hour, yet she had to be the primary financial provider of her daughter. After struggling to make ends meet and battling with hopelessness, Dyana decided she was done with the cycle of struggle.

In September of 2016, with nothing but faith and a few Google searches under her belt, she began her journey to debt freedom. After a lot of trial-and-error and going into more debt multiple times, she managed to pay off $34.9K in debt over 4 years and now she helps single women and moms improve their finances and become money bosses. She’s a proud single mom of two.

In Episode 72, Dyana talks about:

  • Growing up in a single-parent household— Dyana says that she went from middle class to low income, after her parents split. The difficulty of this transition and the years that followed left their mark on Dyana in her money beliefs and mindset
  • Being forced to grow up while still a kid— many children in a low-income family face this position at some point in their life. By 16, Dyana had her first job, because she needed to start supporting her household.
  • Starting her debt-free journey out of necessity—many “finance-minded” people start their journeys with a specific encounter: with a book, a personal finance content creator, etc. Dyana’s journey started when she realized she couldn’t afford being a mom, and never wanted to experience that again.
  • Developing a workaholic mentality out of scarcity—let’s be honest: a lot of women of color have the hustle mentality because we’ve seen our parents hustle out of necessity.
  • Finding balance—hear how Dyana tries to find balance between being a money boss, a mom, and a human being who likes to have fun.

This is as real as it gets. Dyana’s journey into financial literacy is one of resiliency, strength, and absolute poderosa energy. We are excited for you all to meet her.

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