Episode 70. How I Earned Over $100,000 In Side Hustle Income in 2020

Episode 70 comes with my nine tips on how I made over $100,000 in side hustle income in 2020! If you’re ready to add some additional income streams in your life this year, this is the episode for you.

Episode 70. How I Earned Over $100,000 In Side Hustle Income in 2020

For episode 70, I’m bringing you my first monthly solo episode of the season, where I’m giving you the nine steps I took over the last 7 years to reach my first six-figure side-hustle income.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that diversifying our income streams is a must. After experiencing a layoff in my full-time job back in 2013, I decided that I no longer wanted to rely on a single source of income. At the time, I took what was most interesting and fun for me to start a blog: Delish D’Lites. Now, I didn’t monetize this until a few years after I started the blog; it took some time. But in this episode, I’m giving you the nine things that brought me to this point—of now earning six figures.

In Episode 70, I talk about:

  • Monetizing what I enjoy—for my food blog, this was cooking. I started a blog and eventually started tapping into different methods of monetizing a blog. As I learned about money, I developed what is today, Yo Quiero Dinero, where we offer free educational content to thousands of wealth-builders, but have also found creative ways of monetizing the platform.
  • Tapping into your skills—monetization doesn’t look one certain way. Do you like reviewing products? Try brand partnerships and sponsors. Do you like writing? Try freelance writing of articles
  • Practicing patience—this six-figure side hustle income didn’t happen overnight. To be quite specific, it took seven years of operating in this side hustle space before I reached my first ever six-figure year.
  • My nine tips—most of the ones I give become passive forms of income after some initial effort at building your brand. I’m talking over $80,000 from one single stream alone…

Grab your pens and paper because you’ll want to take notes for this one!

Every month, I’ll be doing solo episodes. If you want to hear about something specific, send us an email at ask@yoquierodineropodcast.com, where we’ll be looking for our community’s requests and questions. We want to make sure you feel heard.

This episode is sponsored by my new digital course, The Ultimate Side Hustle Starter Kit!

After 7 years of teaching myself how to build online side hustles that earn income passively, my food blog earns over $60,000 a year, passively! Since then, I’ve grown my side hustles, and now have a network of 10 side hustles that earn over $100,000 a year! This is in addition to my 9-5 income.  And guess what? YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!


  • You are not meant to be stuck at soul-sucking jobs that you hate.
  • You are meant to use your gifts and skills and share them with the world.
  • You are meant to actually enjoy, love, and be totally obsessed with your work. That is living your best life.
  • Life’s too freaking short to not be doing what sets your soul on fire. You deserve to live your best and most delicious life and that includes having a badass biz that brings you joy.

So…are you ready for more in your life? Join the Ultimate Side Hustler Starter Kit, our next cohort opens March 8th!


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