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Episode 24. How Kara Paid Off $25K While Making Less than $30,000 | Kara Perez of Bravely Go

How Kara Paid Off $25K While Making Less than $30,000 | Kara Perez of Bravely Go

Episode 24 of the podcast features Kara Perez, the founder of Bravely Go, a feminist financial education company. Bravely focuses on bringing actionable, intersectional and accessible financial education to people via pop up events and online community.

Bravely was founded in January 2017 by Kara Perez. Kara discovered her love of finances courtesy of her quarter-life crisis. Broke, underemployed and saddled with student loan debt, she realized that her lack of financial education was crippling her adulthood.

In 2013, Kara earned $16,183.51

In 2014, Kara earned $18,423

In 2015, Kara earned $32,249.63

Kara paid off $25,302 in loans on a salary of less than $30,000, the final $18,000 in just ten months. After becoming debt free in June 2015, Kara created Bravely to help other women take control of their financial lives

In episode 24, Kara tells us about how she was able to pay off over $25,000 of debt while making less than $30,000 a year! Her story is truly amazing!

Additionally, Kara co hosts the award winning podcast The Fairer Cents, which has been named the top money podcast for women by Forbes and The Balance. Kara has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, NPR, Glamour, ABC Nightline News, and US News and World Report as a financial expert. She lives in Austin, TX. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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