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Jump-Start Your Blog Bootcamp

Learn how to turn your passion into a profitable Blog that allows you to work from anywhere, even if you are clueless about tech!




Becoming a full-time blogger sounded like a far-fetched dream, until it became my reality.

In 2021, after perfecting the art of blogging for income, I walked away from my 9-to-5 at the age of 36, all because of my blog.

I’m now earning over $100,000 a year, just from ad revenue!

Literally making money for having a website on the internet?!?


Blogging helped me achieve my dream life, and now I’m sharing all the tea on how you can do the same.

Jannese is a fantastic instructor, and the program was terrific. I learned so much from her in just a few weeks. She over-delivered every single week, and was she was 100% transparent on the things she is going to grow her business. Watching Jannese’s passion for helping WOC makes me feel empowered and confirms that my ambition to want more is valid. Jannese is the passive income Reina, and I highly recommend her course to any other WOC who wants to start building generational wealth without working hard for their money.

if that sounds about right, then keep on reading.

You're Tired Of Being Tied To A Cubicle...

I know you’ve thought about this before…

You spend your days dreaming of a location-independent lifestyle that lets you earn money from anywhere, all while doing something you f****** love!

You’ve talked about launching a blog one for months, or maybe even years, but the thought of building a website with no technical background gives you SO. MUCH. ANXIETY.

You’ve spent months trying to Google your way to blogging success, only to hit burnout, overwhelm and some serious imposter syndrome.

Before joining this program, most of my students confess why they waited so long to start their blogs. 

They were overwhelmed with mental roadblocks like…

🤔 I have no technical skills, there’s no way I can create a 6-figure blog.
🤔 I’m a busy parent and I have a 9-5, I don’t have time to build a blog. 
🤔 I don’t know how to narrow down a niche, I love all the things!
🤔 I feel like I started too late, aren’t blogs dead?
🤔There’s too much competition, I’ll never get ahead!

Here’s what’s actually holding you back…

You’re probably afraid that you’ll put yourself out there and no one will think your content is valuable. 

You’re afraid of failing, of investing your dreams, and putting your voice out there. 

You’re afraid to do things wrong and waste time or money.

Those questions and fears are common, and are stopping you in your tracks.

But what if you never end up launching your blog?

Your message deserves to be shared.
You can help people by using your blog to share the expertise you’ve learned along the way.
Let me show you how it’s done!

Imagine living the lifestyle you've always dreamed of...all because of a Blog.

Blogging made it possible for me to walk away from my 9-to-5 at the age of 36. And now, I want to show you how you can do the same!

who am i anyway?

I’m Jannese...

I’m an Award-Winning Latina Money Expert, Serial Entrepreneur, 6-Figure Blogger, Online Business Coach, Side Hustle Whisperer, & Creator of the #1 Personal Finance Podcast For Latinas, Yo Quiero Dinero! I teach people like you to how to build wealth & gain financial freedom through online businesses and investing.

Thanks to a blog, I became financially independent at age 35, quit my job, and turned my side hustles into a multiple 6-figure business that lights me up and fuels my passions, every single day!

As seen in

This course is what I wish I had when I started my blog!

In 2007, I graduated from college with a degree in molecular biology and chemistry, and I pursued a career as a process engineer. After five years of job hopping, even though I was making $75,000 a year in my 20s, I was unsatisfied. I wrestled with feelings of guilt because I felt like I should be happy and grateful for what I had. My anxiety was at an all-time high, and I started seriously considering quitting my job and starting over.

When I sketched out what my ideal life looked like, it involved cooking, not being tied down to one location, and working if and when I wanted to. I toyed with the idea of going to culinary school and becoming a chef, but I realized I didn’t want to leave one high pressure career to hop into another. And working in a restaurant wouldn’t give me the remote work freedom I was looking for.

Then I discovered the world of online blogging. It felt like the perfect fit. I could share my recipes, work from home, and maybe even turn this blog into a source of passive income that would give me the time and flexibility I was craving.

From 2013 to 2015, I didn’t earn any income from the site. But in 2016, thanks to finally cracking the code to earning income with a blog I earned $2,295. And it continued to grow from there….

...and now

After 9 years of teaching myself how to blog, I was able to quit my 9-5 after hitting $100,000+ a year in passive income as a blogger!

Here's The thing...

I know a lot of financial “experts” talk about reaching your financial goals with restrictive methods, like strict budgeting, cutting expenses and shit like that …

But the truth is, for most of us, our day job salary isn’t going to cut it.

On average Latinas are only paid 55% of the average white male paycheck.

(We already know this is some bullshit.) 🤬

It’s time to give ourselves a damn raise.) If you want to build REAL generational wealth…Generating MORE dinero with a blog is far more effective than trying to stretch your salary by skimping on expenses.

Making money on your terms is poderosa AF and so are you. Mija…Once you master THIS skill, it’ll be your secret financial independence weapon.

You can say f*ck-off to saving a few dollars here and there by skipping lattes and scrimping on your haircut.

And ¡HOLA! To hundreds or even thousands of dollars of extra monthly income from a side hustle you enjoy.

When I started my food blog, I could never have imagined making thousands cooking bomb-ass food and writing about it. 

The only difference between those bloggers who are living their dream life and you…is ACTION.


Does this sound like your dream life?

The Jump-Start Your Blog Bootcamp could the start of a brand new life for you…

Are you ready for more?


The Jump-Start Your Blog Bootcamp

A step-by-step, comprehensive blogging blueprint to start a profitable blog that allows you to share your passion, work from anywhere and get paid for it!

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Hear What My Students Have To Say About The Jump-Start Your Blog Bootcamp!

Real testimonials from real students! find out why this is the only blogging course they would ever recommend!

Absolutely amazing! One of the best investments I made. I learned so much from the Blogging Bootcamp and from my peers. I’m excited to apply the knowledge, experience, and vision to the blog that I just created. It’s a great course for anyone interested in starting a blog as well as for those who have a blog already. The Bootcamp was helpful, resourceful, detailed, engaging, and motivating. It was bittersweet to have completed the course, I highly recommend it.

Karen M.

Clear outline of topics and materials per week, LIVE coaching (which is huge) so all questions are answered, and the bonus is communicating on the Slack app for any questions you thought of before or after the class during the course. 

Jean G.

“Wow! What a fantastic course! So much information that we get to keep for a lifetime. This course helped me gain confidence, knowledge and made me part of an incredible community! The amazing people you brought on to speak to us during our weekly meeting was incredible! Jannese was available to answer all of our questions and would even give us added information for workshops, events, etc. I’m so grateful for the opportunity. Worth every penny!”

Oscar B.

I knew I had to work with Jannese as she so graciously provides so much knowledge about the blogging world. Jannese taught so much about web hosting services, outlets for campaign opportunities, and how to be consistent and genuine on my platforms to gain the right followers. I highly recommend this course, she will guide you in the right direction.

Yessenia M.

Freedom Is Calling Your Name. Ready to build your blog?

let's dig into the details

Here's the Blog Bootcamp Framework in Action...

01. Define Your Niche & Choose Your Blog Name

It's time to establish your brand new blog. We'll dive into choosing your niche, registering your new domain and picking the perfect web host.

02. wordpress and google analytics

Don't waste time trying to start a blog on another platform, learn the ins and outs of the leading blog framework, plus set up your analytics so you know what's working from day 1!

03. designing your blog: Themes and plugins

Think you need a coding certificate to design your blog? Think again! I'm showing you how to create blog design aesthetics & features that will thrill your readers.

04. blog writing fundamentals

The moment you've been waiting's time to start writing your blog content! We'll dive into how to craft blog posts that get noticed.

05. Search engine optimization

There's no point in creating blog posts if Google can't find them! We're diving into the world of SEO and learning how to create SEO-optimized blog posts that build your traffic quickly.

06. slay the content creation process

Growing your blog requires more than just consistency, it requires strategic planning. Learn how to create a winning content strategy & discover tools to help you get there faster.

and don't forget about the bonuses

You're also going to get access to:

expert videos

Hours of BONUS video lessons from industry experts that have turned their blogs into a full-time business. Learn right from the experts!
Value = $1000

4 extra lessons

NEW: Using AI To Grow Your Blog
How To Monetize Your Blog
How To Legally Protect Your Content
Managing Your Blog Biz Finances

Value = $1500

Real-time Community support

Exclusive Access To Our Private Online Community Portal
Value = $4000

That's $6,500 in bonuses

This course covers absolutely everything that you ever wanted to know about launching a blog and a ton of things that you didn’t even know you needed to know!


Hear What My Blog Bootcamp Students Have To Say About This Course!

This course was amazing. It was actionable, laid out really well, and if you put in the work, you will leave with a blog site that is 100% set-up to be monetized! I feel so confident in my ability to now structure posts for SEO.

Ariana R.

The amount and quality of information. I am so glad there is a life time access because I am still catching up with content. The encouraging and energetic vibe. I was sad that the course ended but Ada Rojas helping end off the course was amazing, so inspiring.

Laura Martinez

You Don't Want To Miss Out On All This!

Here's what you get when you join.

6 On-Demand Video Modules to Teach You Everything You Need to Know to Create A Profitable Blog With Bomb-Ass Content

$4200 VALUE

A FREE Blog Planner To Help You Map Out Your Content Plan For An Entire Year!

$100 VALUE

Checklists, Worksheets & Templates to Guide You Through Each Class and Keep You Accountable.

$1000 VALUE

Need an accountability partner? I got you boo. 😘 You get access to my VIP Community, so you can get real-time assistance and connect with your fellow bootcampers!

$500 VALUE

Discount 1:1 Calls With Jannese For 75% OffThe Retail Price!

$3500 VALUE

Access To Our Guest Interview Series Where You Meet Real-Life Bloggers Who've Turned Their Blogs Into A Business!

$1000 VALUE

4 Bonus Lessons: Using AI To Grow Your Blog, Monetizing Your Blog, Blog Business Finances & Legally Protecting Your Blog

$1500 VALUE

Lifetime Access The Jump-Start Your Blog Bootcamp & All Future Updates

$ Priceless

When you add that all up, it comes out to a value of $10,800!

but you can enroll today for just $1,297.

lifetime access for just

$2,497 $ 1,297


Hear more From Blog Bootcampers and Me!

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We've Got Answers...

The Jump-Start Your Blog Bootcamp is perfect for newbies with no existing blog or beginner/intermediate level bloggers who want to grow and monetize their traffic.

The Jump-Start Your Blog Bootcamp will equip with all the tools you need finally take your ideas and turn them into income. We’ll cover the BIG questions, such as how to…

🤑  Choose your niche, set up your domain & select the best blog hosting company

🤑  Stop letting WordPress overwhelm you so you can become a money making blogger.

🤑  Hack Google’s algorithm and show up consistently on search engines

🤑  Custom design your blog for maximum user-friendliness & bomb aesthetics

🤑  Write the hell out of a blog post that people actually want to read

🤑  Replicate the winning content creation strategy I’ve used to grow my blog to over 4 million readers per year!

…PLUS the guided tools and exercises to keep you motivated and on the path to success:

✔ Action Steps (read: a homework recap) to keep your head in the game.

✔ Downloads, templates and a BONUS RESOURCES section. 

✔ 11 hours+ of industry expert workshops to help you overcome your fear and start your side hustle!

✔ Access to all future group coaching call replays!

This course has is fully-self paced. Upon enrollment, you’ll gain access to the course modules (One new module opens up every weeks) so you can move at your own pace. 

We did this for two main reasons:

1. To give you the necessary time to absorb all this information and to actually take action.

2  To make it less likely you’d skip around, get overwhelmed, and give up on your blog before you’ve even begun.

Oh, and another thing: The material in this course is organized in a particular order for a reason. Later sections will not make full sense without reading previous sections, and we’re priming your brain for optimal retention. 

Decide whether you’re a “take handwritten notes in a journal” person or an “open a google doc and type it into the cloud” kind of person—because in addition to taking notes, you’ll need space to write in order to participate in the course activities…which are HIGHLY recommended to be completed!

All Yo Quiero Dinero digital products are intellectual-based courses. Due to the inability to reverse knowledge, you will have lifetime access to this information and as a result, all sales are final. Please send any inquiries to

Yes, all the course videos and live coaching call replays feature closed captions, and they’re searchable too!

Financial Freedom Is Calling! Are You Ready?

Earnings Disclaimer

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