20 Side Hustles You Can Start Today

Side hustles are a great step towards growing your income and skills. Read on for an actionable list of 20 side hustles you can start as soon as today!

20 Side Hustles You Can Start Today | Yo Quiero Dinero Podcast

At one point or another, you’ve probably seen a list of side hustles that sound like a waste of time. Taking surveys and clipping coupons? No thanks. Personal finance influencers will give you all kinds of lists but they’re not always actionable. Today we’re giving you a list of 20 side hustles you can start today that won’t get you doing all kinds of crazy things.

Side Hustles For Writers

The following side hustle examples are great for those who love to write. Let’s tap into your writing skills and wordsmith power.

1. Creating and Building a Blog

This won’t be the side hustle to start making you money on Day 1. This is the side hustle you invest your time, patience, and creativity in. Take some time to think of what story you want to tell on your blog or who you want to serve. Spruce up your blog along the way to make it stand out.

2. Affiliate Marketing

This one goes hand in hand with blogging on any medium. Once your blog builds traffic, you can start posting affiliate links, which will earn you a small percentage per purchase or enrollment of a select product or service.

3. Write Freelance Articles

Explore the type of demand for these articles on sites like Fiverr. Once you research what type of articles are being most demanded, start there. As you gain exposure and clients, you can start to build out your niche. Key to writing good articles is going to be your ability to SEO.

4. Resume Writing

Browse through templates online and start to market yourself on Etsy, Fiverr or Upwork!

5. Teach English Online

With English being one of the global economy’s top languages, the demand for English language tutoring never ceases. Check out this remote teaching blog post for a look at 8 different companies to start offering your services.

6. Sell Lesson Plans Online

This is for those who have some teaching experience. Now in the age of COVID, though, maybe you’ve gotten a little creative with your kids and have created some of your own lesson plans. Sell them on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Side Hustles For Organizers

This set of side hustles you can start today are for the people that are detail-oriented. If that’s you, check these out.

7. Virtual Assistantship

With the rise in remote work and entrepreneurship, there’s a rise in opportunity for virtual assistantship. Follow some of your favorite creators and small businesses on their socials, check out Fiverr, Upwork, or any other job board you would normally seek out to find some V.A. opportunities.

8. Tutoring

Maybe even more so now, families are looking for extra support with their kids. Check out online tutoring platforms, like Varsity Tutors, to apply and build out your client list.

9. Transcribe

Transcribing is turning an audio file to text. Check out this online transcription jobs blog post for a look at five platforms and helpful equipment (but not necessary!)

Side Hustles For Creatives

This set of side hustles is for the person that’s always got an idea in their head, or for those who have an art skill.

10. Manage a Small Biz’s Social Media

It’s up to you to pitch your services. Go to your favorite local business and show them why you’re the person to grow their social media presence. Make sure to have a sample profile of your work.

11. Participate In Marketing Focus Groups

You won’t have these lined up all week, but every so often you’ll get one or two that pay up to $100/hour. To qualify for these studies, you’ll take screening surveys and someone will message or call you back if you fit the criteria. One of my favorite platforms for this is Schlesinger Group!

12. Pitch Your Story to Reporters via Twitter

Tori Dunlap from Her First 100K dropped some wisdom for us here. If you’re pursuing a goal, for example, hone in on your story and start pitching it!

13. Sell Your Product on Etsy

Got a creative talent? An eye for design? Sell your products online!

Side Hustles For Active Types

This set of side hustles are for the people that want to get outside and be a little active. Keep in mind that the more interpersonal the side hustle, the less demand you will see right now during COVID.

14. Delivering Food or Groceries

We’re talking InstaCart, GrubHub, UberEats—whichever you prefer!

15. Buy and Re-Sell on FaceBook, Offer Up, CraigsList, EBay

Ever scroll through these online marketplaces and find a gem that you know is not accurately priced? Do this more regularly and start buying and reselling at a profit.

16. Walk Dogs

If you love dogs, then this won’t even feel like a job for you. Apps like Wag! are making dog walking into a side hustle.

17. Drive for Uber or Lyft

Take your car out for a spin, log some miles, and get paid while you do it. Remember to wear a mask when doing this!

18. Sign Up for TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit will have random odd jobs for you to pick from. Think, building a table, lifting furniture, or cleaning a home.

19. Rent Out Your Car

Did you know you could rent out your car to be used by others? If your car is sitting in your driveway this season, consider listing it on Turo, where you can make a buck for letting others use your car.

20. Declutter Your Home and Sell Used Items

This side hustle will require you to clean out your home spaces every so often. Keep in mind that not everything you don’t want will be able to be sold; use good judgment to decide what you should just toss, what you should donate, and what you could make some money from.

We’ve given you a list of 20 concrete, actionable side hustles you can start as soon as today. Choose a category that best aligns with your personality and start trying one out!

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